Transcend CF Card Data Recovery


Have you lost your vital data from Transcend CF card due to some serious issue and unable to find how to perform Transcend CF card data recovery process? Don’t panic!! Here you will get an excellent solution to recover every bit of data from Transcend CF card.

Here is the real time scenario. You might be using 16GB Transcend CF card in your mobile phone from past 2 years. Your friend might have good collection of videos and audios but his system might have affected by virus. You never notice that his system is affected by virus and connect your mobile phone to his system by data cable. All of a sudden, your data contained in the Transcend CF card is lost due to dangerous virus attack! All your data is now inaccessible! You wouldn’t have taken a backup too! This makes you extremely frustrated and might be wondering is there any software to get back data from Transcend CF card? Don’t worry!! Here you will get the better solution for Transcend CF card data recovery. By making use of CF Card Data Recovery software, you will easily come to know how to recover Transcend CF card data and it also helps you to perform SanDisk CF card data recovery without much effort.    

There are many such scenarios where you may lose data on Transcend CF card:

  • Accidental Deletion of Data: This situation happens usually due to some carelessness. In spite of deleting useless data on Transcend CF card, sometimes you may accidentally delete the precious data and might results in data loss.

  • CF Card Corruption: If the file system in CF card gets damaged or if you have used the same CF card on different storage devices then these situations leads to CF card corruption and makes data inaccessible.

  • Improper Data Transfer: If there is any interruption like abrupt power surge during data transfer from CF card to computer or vice versa, then there are chances of data loss.

  • Abrupt Removal of CF Card: CF card should not be removed from the storage device when data is being accessed.  If it is removed abruptly while accessing data on it, then it may result in loss of data.

  • Formatting CF Card: The user must take a backup of data without fail before formatting the CF card.  If he/she fails to take a backup of data, then there are chances of severe data loss.

When you encounter these types of problem in your Transcend CF card, you should be calm down and try to find a way out. The only situation for these types of problems is to use CF Card Data Recovery software. This software helps you in performing Transcend CF card data recovery in a short span of time.

Features of CF Card Data Recovery software:

CF Card Data Recovery is an excellent software to restore Transcend CF card data. This software guides you well to retrieve Transcend CF card data such as JPG, PNG and TIFF and also has an advanced program to recover photos from CF card after format or reformat. It also safely recovers video files like MOV, AVI, M4V etc. This software performs CF card recovery on Mac and Windows Operating System. It is one of the famous software compared to other software which is available in the market to get back Transcend CF card data. Other than CF card data recovery, it also performs data recovery from flash drives, SD cards and all other storage devices. This software has strong scanning algorithms that scan the entire CF card to restore lost or deleted data from it. It is loaded with simple GUI that helps even non technical users to recover photos from formatted Compact flash card by following simple few mouse clicks without any complications.     

Simple steps to recover Transcend CF card data:

Step 1: Download and install this software to perform Transcend CF card data recovery on your computer and connect your CF card to the system. From the main window select "Recover Photos" option to restore Transcend CF card data. From the next window, choose appropriate option.

Transcend CF Card Data Recovery  - Main Window

Figure a: Main Window

Step 2: Choose your CF card for scanning process from which you want to recover Transcend CF card data. Once the CF card is scanned completely, then all the files from formatted CF card can be recovered.

Transcend CF Card Data Recovery  - Choose CF Card

Figure b: Choose Transcend CF Card

Step 3: Later, preview the recovered files using either of the view options available and save the recovered data on any desired location.

Transcend CF Card Data Recovery   - Preview Recovered Files

Figure c: Preview Files