Retrieving Files from Formatted CF Card

CF Cards are a common storage device used to save data on camera, mobile phones, camcorders and many other electronic devices. This card allows users to store wide and variety of data such as songs, videos, applications and high quality pictures etc. However similar to any other flash devices even these devices are not free from data loss. So if you are a user who has intentionally or unintentionally formatted the CF card and lost complete data there's no need to panic. CF Card Recovery application will help you in retrieving files from formatted CF card.

To know how let’s assume a Scenario: “You have a 16 GB Compact Flash (CF) card which you often use, to store captured pictures and recorded videos from your digital camera. Yesterday, you connected your CF card via card reader to backup contents from card to your computer, the card got detected, but when you tried to access the content of the drive a window popped up saying, whether you would like to format the CF card. You reconnected the CF card on different computers, but the results were the same. You had no option, but to format the card which resulted in complete data loss from CF card, now you question everyone on how to get back data from a formatted CF card?” This is a kind of problem which CF card users often encounter, however the answer for their problem is simple. In order to restore files on formatted CF card they need to take the help of CF Card Data Recovery software. It is the best recovery program for retrieving files from formatted CF card. Refer this site to read

Let us see some of the scenarios due to which CF cards are formatted

  • The most common reasons is accidental format, when connected to system or from the device accidentally
  • Sometimes when you connect your CF card to computer, the PC asks you to format the card before using it, which forces you to format the CF card resulting in complete picture loss
  • CF cards are often formatted due to corruptions which are caused due to abnormal removal, virus infection, file system corruption etc. In order to use that corrupted CF card you need to format it.

Note: The most important thing you should do after formatting your CF card is to immediately stop using the card and store it in a safe place and then use CF card recovery application to retrieve the files back.

However, it is possible to avoid such data loss due to format operation by taking some precautionary measures. Firstly, it is very important to take a backup your important files from your CF card before performing format operation. Avoid using your CF card on multiple operating system or storage drives. Use antivirus program to remove viruses causing CF card corruption. But, these precautionary steps are not at all sufficient as there are so many situations which are unavoidable and ends with file loss. At such situation make use of CF card data recovery tool for retrieving files from formatted CF card. Using this tool you can even restore corrupted CF card data in couple of mouse clicks.

CF Card Data Recovery software is very popular media recovery tools which restore files on formatted CF card on both Mac and Windows operating system. The tool retrieves deleted and lost documents, songs, videos, pictures and all other files from your CF card very easily. Moreover other than CF card the utility also retrieves data from other storage drives such as SD, XD, hard disk, memory stick, iPods etc. The tool also has the ability to retrieve RAW image files captured using popular digital camera brands like Samsung, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Fuji, Olympus etc. You can get complete information on photo recovery from Nikon Coolpix, by visiting at - Furthermore is compatible to run on all versions of Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP) and Mac operating system (Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion)

Simple steps for retrieving files from formatted CF card:

Step 1: Download and install CF card data recovery tool on your computer and connect your CF card to the system. From the main window select "Recover Photos" option. Then from the next window choose appropriate option.

Retrieving Files from Formatted CF Card - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Choose the your CF card for scan process from which you want to recover data. Once the CF card is scanned completely, then all files from formatted CF card can be recovered.

Retrieving Files from Formatted CF Card - Choose CF Card

Figure 2: Choose CF Card

Step 3: Later preview the recovered files usisng either of the view options available.

Retrieving Files from Formatted CF Card - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Files

Step 4: Using "Save Recovery Session" option you can save the scanned information. In order to save the recovered files, you need to purchase the complete version of this tool.