Smart Tool to Perform CF Card Recovery on Mac

Data stored in CF cards is not safe. All of a sudden you may lose all your important data from CF card. Loss of data can take place due to various reasons. If you have backed up all your necessary CF card data and stored them in an external drive or a computer then you need not bother if you lose the data from your card due to corruption or any other reason. But unfortunately many among us forget to make a backup of our essential data. Finally data is lost and we have to bear with the situation helplessly.

It is definitely not a desirable situation but if you are a CF card user then you will experience this type of situation very often. If you are worried that you will not get back the vital files stored in the CF card then you just have to stop worrying. It is true that you have lost your important data. But it is also true that all your lost or deleted CF card data can be restored with the help of an excellent recovery engine such as CF card data recovery. You can use this powerful recovery tool in case you have deleted your essential files from Compact Flash card as it has the ability to retrieve deleted files from CF card quickly.

You may wonder how your photos, video files or music files got deleted or lost from CF card. There are a number of scenarios which might have lead to data loss from your CF card. It is common to lose important media files from CF card due to accidental formatting. Formatting your Compact Flash card once in a while is actually a very good thing to do. But you must carry out formatting after taking a backup of CF card data.

If you format your flash card prior to backing up the essential data then you will lose all the data from your memory card. While previewing photos in your digital camera if you mistakenly click on "Format" button then you will lose all your Compact Flash card data as soon as you click on format button. This is nothing but accidental formatting. In this way data is lost from your flash card. Now let us know about CF card data recovery software that can help you to overcome these problems and also restore damaged CF card on Mac machine with ease.

CF card data recovery is a powerful tool that can easily restore pictures from CF card which is formatted intentionally or unintentionally. It is possible to recover video files types such as MOV, AVI, M4V etc. from formatted CF cards with the help of CF card data recovery. You can safely retrieve data lost from Compact Flash card on Mac OS X 10.5.x, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Leopard etc by using CF card data recovery. To restore CF card data which become inaccessible due to certain errors which one encounters when CF card is connected to a Mac computer, CF card data recovery is the best option.

CF card recovery on Mac:

Step 1: Download and install CF card data recovery in your Mac computer. Insert your CF card into a card reader and then connect it to your Mac machine. Once you launch the tool you will get a main window from which you need to select "Recover Photos" option. Immediately after clicking on that option you will get one more screen from which you must choose "Recover Lost photos" option to restore data from formatted CF card.

CF Card Recovery on Mac - Recover Lost Photos

Figure a: Recover Lost Photos

Step 2: Select the CF card from which you want to retrieve lost data and then click on "Next" option to begin the scanning and recovery process.

CF Card Recovery on Mac - Select Corrupt CF Card

Figure b: Select Corrupt CF Card

Step 3: Once the scanning process is over you can preview the recovered photos.

CF Card Recovery on Mac - Recovered Photo Preview

Figure c: Recovered Photo Preview

Step 4: After previewing save the recovery session by clicking on "Save Recovery Session" option and then purchase the tool if you are satisfied with its performance.