Recover Deleted or Lost Files from CF Card

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(Compact Flash) CF Card Data Recovery:

Have you lost data from your Compact flash card? Want to recover all the lost data in quick time? Then you can choose CF card data recovery tool to know how to recover data from CF card within short span of time. You may be wondering whether it is really possible to retrieve data from CF card. Off course, it is possible to restore data from CF card that is lost due to one or the other reason in few clicks. You might get shocked with the performance of CF card data recovery tool as it can rapidly retrieve data from CF card very easily and safely. It is an ultimate recovery engine designed to recover corrupted CF card data on any Windows or Mac computer.

Before going ahead in how this software restore data from CF card, let us take a look at some scenarios which can lead to the loss of CF card data.

Scenarios for data loss in CF cards:

Data stored in CF cards can be lost due to several reasons such as accidental formatting, using the same card on various devices, improper ejection of the card from the host device etc. Some other common reasons for data loss in CF cards are virus invasion, incomplete data transfer, interrupting errors etc. You may come across certain errors after connecting your CF card to a computer such as "Format Now" or "Drive Not Formatted" etc. These errors are not desirable as they make your CF card data inaccessible. You will not be able to access any of your CF card data due to these errors. This is a strange CF card data loss scenario. Often we lose valuable images, videos and music files from CF cards by accidentally or unknowingly deleting them. Due to virus attack or third party applications you will lose all your essential data from CF card.

To make the card free from corruption we usually think of formatting the card. In this way due to intentional formatting important CF card data is lost. If you are using CF card on a camera then due to clicking of photos when camera battery is low can lead to loss of photos from the card. These are the major factors which affect the data in the CF card. To overcome these problems you can use CF card data recovery application that will let you know how to recover data from CF card. Avoid some data loss scenarios and retrieve data from CF card by following the measures given below.

Measures to be taken to prevent CF card data loss:

It is possible to avoid some data loss scenarios by taking certain precautionary measures. Firstly it is very important to avoid using camera when you are getting low battery messages. If you continue to use the camera then you will end up losing all your CF card data. You should not draw back your CF card from any computer or other host device while file transfer is in progress. This may lead to corruption of your memory card and you may lose access to all your card data. Also you should avoid using the same CF card on all the devices as there are chances of losing data from CF card in such scenarios. Take these steps and avoid losing data from your CF card. Now let us learn how to perform data recovery from CF card. Even after taking all precauionary measures, if some how files get deleted, then you can make use of CF card data recovery tool to recover deleted files from CF card.

Beneficial features of CF card data recovery software:

Let us take a look at some of the beneficial and advanced features of the tool

  • Performs CF card recovery on Mac and Windows without much effort
  • Popular tool to restore data from CF card corrupt due to virus attack
  • Ability to recover data from CF card of Type 1 and Type 2 with ease
  • Unique CF card data recovery tool that can safely restore video files of type MOV, AVI, M4V etc. from formatted CF cards
  • Music files that are deleted accidentally from CF card can also be recovered using CF card data recovery
  • Excellent tool to recover photos from CF card used on Kodak, Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon and various other cameras
  • It has strong scanning algorithms that scans your entire CF card to recover lost or deleted data from it
  • This utility has been loaded with simple GUI that helps even novice user to recover CF card data in few simple steps
  • Other than CF card data recovery, this application also performs data recovery from flash drives, SD cards, external hdd and from all other storage devices.
  • Capable to recover data from inaccessible CF cards
  • Facilitates you to Preview the recovered data before restoration

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Steps to know how to recover data from CF card:

Step 1: Connect your Compact Flash card to the system. Start downloading CF card data recovery software in your system. After downloading, launch the tool and as soon as you get the main screen click on "Recover Photos" option. Then select "Recover Lost Photos" from the next screen to restore data from CF card.

CF Card Data Recovery - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: In this step you should pick your CF card from which you want to recover lost data. After the card selection scanning process will begin in order to perform data recovery from CF card.

CF Card Data Recovery - Select CF Card

Figure b: Select CF Card

Step 3: Preview the recovered data once the scanning process gets completed.

CF Card Data Recovery - Recovered Photo Preview

Figure c: Recovered Data Preview

Step 4: Then save the recovery session by clicking on "Save Recovery Session" option. Finally purchase CF card data recovery tool if you are satisfied with its performance.